7 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

7 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

With over 800 million people on Instagram, there’s a lot to look at. You can find just about every celebrity, meme accounts, accounts for your favorite animals and of course your favorite brands. If you like Tickled Pink, here’s 7 Instagram accounts we think you should follow.

1. Charlotte Freeman

momentaryhappiness instagram
Photo from @momentaryhappiness on Instagram

Charlotte Freeman is the creative mind behind Momentary Happiness. This beautifully crafted account showcases a mix of inspirational quotes and breathtaking beach photos. Momentary Happiness will push you to get through the day and also make you long for a sunny vacation. // FOLLOW NOW 



2. Harley Quinn & Co.

harleyquinnandco instagram
Photo from @harleyquinnandco on Instagram

The aesthetic alone is enough to make you drool. Soft pinks and pops of red make Harley Quinn & Co. one of our favorite accounts (we are a sucker for anything pink), the cute puppies and trendy fashion posts are an added bonus! // FOLLOW NOW



3. Bianca Bass

bianca bass instagram
Photo from @biancabass on Instagram

From her beach vacays to her trendy London home, Bianca Bass has the Instagram game on point. Natural lighting, an airy color palette, mouthwatering food posts and uplifting quotes make her account a must follow. // FOLLOW NOW



4. Jasmine Dowling

jasminedowling instagram
Photo from @jasminedowling on Instagram

Jasmine Dowling's Instagram feed is some serious eye candy. Between tasty food, fantastic beauty recommendations and adorable outfits, she is a must follow. It doesn't hurt that that gorgeous muted pink hues are prevalent throughout her theme. // FOLLOW NOW



5. League of Extraordinary Women

 Photo from @theleaguewomen on Instagram 

League of Extraordinary Women publishes inspirational, motivational and even hilarious quotes for women. They are sure to brighten your day and their post are always a nice uplifting surprise when scrolling through your feed. // FOLLOW NOW



6. Aileen Xu

lavendaire instagram
Photo from @lavendaire on Instagram 

If you're looking for fashion inspo, Instagram theme goals and a beautiful pop of color on your feed...look no further than Aileen Xu, the creator behind the Instagram account Lavendaire. // FOLLOW NOW



7. Kate Spiers 

kate.lavie instagram
Photo from @kate.lavie on Instagram 

Kate Spiers is Instagram goals on every single level. Not only is her theme perfect, her home is beautiful, her pets are adorable, and her photos are stunning. From home decor to fashion and travel, Kate Spiers is an absolute must follow. // FOLLOW NOW
Make sure you are following @tickledpinkgift on Instagram for uplifting quotes, and flirty fashion photos all with a pop of pink! Check back soon for more trendy blog posts!

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