Exploring Millennial Pink

Exploring Millennial Pink

“Millennial Pink” you’ve probably heard of it, you may have even seen it in the wild, but what is Millennial Pink? And should you be jumping on the bandwagon? We have compiled everything you need to know about the elusive color. Huge shout out to The Cut for writing this article, which is where we go a ton of this info. If you really want to dive deep on Millennial Pink, head over and check it out.

What is a Millennial?


Millennials are people who were born in the 1980’s and early to mid-1990’s. Depending on who you ask the year range will differ because some 80’s babies don’t associate themselves with the generation and some consider late 90’s to be Millennials because they were born before the millennium. The most common date range for classifying a millennial is 1981 to 1996.

When did this happen?

millennial pink

Did you know Millennial Pink showed up around 2012? It really hit hard in 2016 and hasn’t slowed down since. It showed up in the Fenty Spring Lookbook in 2017 and on Army Jackets from Madewell. Millennial Pink has been spotted on the runways, on Instagram and in every major mall in America.

Why pink?

millennial pink

Lots of people think of pink as being feminine, girly and youthful. Well, millennial pink is taking that idea and flipping it on its head. Pink is flattering on all skin tones and generally appealing to the eye which makes it the perfect marketing tool. With at least half of Millennials believing that “gender runs a spectrum” pink has become their “genderless mascot.”

What shade of pink is this?

millennial pink

This might be the toughest question to answer when it comes to Millennial Pink. The reason being, it’s not a single shade. According to PopCrush.com “It embraces a range of shades in Pantone terms, from Rose Quartz and Pale Dogwood to Candy Pink. Millennial Pink is not always pink. Sometimes it falls on a spectrum between beige and peach.”

Should you embrace Millennial Pink?

millennial pink

Absolutely! This color isn’t going anywhere and you should really give it a try. Since there’s no set shade, feel free to play with all the pinks. Test out pale peachy tones, or bust out the bubblegum pink. Embrace your inner millennial...regardless of when you were born.


Now that you know what Millennial Pink is (or know a little more about it) are you ready to try it out? Check out some Tickled Pink products that feature the gorgeous Millennial Pink. 



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