Why You Need a Sun Hat

Why You Need a Sun Hat

The weather is warming up and the sun is out (hooray!) With summer just around the corner it's time to start thinking about your skin and keeping it healthy while out in the sun. 

We all know that we're suppose to wear sunscreen and limit our time in the sun, but is that really enough? For some it might be, but it's highly suggested that you add a hat to your summer outfit. 

Hats are great because not only do they create shade for your face, but they also protect your scalp from sunburn. Your scalp is not protected by sunscreen like the rest of your body and while it might feel like it's protected by your hair, there is still danger for a sunburn.

You should always apply sunscreen to your face, even under your makeup, but facial sunscreen may need to be applied more often than you think. Your face sweats and you eat and drink and within no time at all the sunscreen is gone. A hat will keep your face protected even when the sunscreen has worn off.

Here's some of our favorite sun hats from Tickled Pink!

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